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International Automobile is an Institution with a social concern. Our mission is to contribute in national building as an apex body for entire value chain of automotive sector by providing world class manpower development.
We aim to providing training individuals, aimed at day one industry readiness along with the research and innovation mindset.


Auto Fundamentals leads students through the design, construction, and operation of all major automotive systems, containing foundation in the basics of automotive technology.


Automotive Electrical Electronics

Automotive electronics are electronic systems used in vehicles, including engine management, ignition, radio, carputers, telematics, in-car entertainment systems, and others



Students will understand 

and learn about powertrain and it's process including assembly of every component that pushes your vehicle forward. 


Drive Systems

Student will learn the system, moreover group of components of a motor vehicle that deliver power to the drive wheels

Automotive Painting

The course includes 

complete automotive paint techniques and function, used on 

automobiles for both protection and decoration purposes.


Body Repair

Gain practical skills that can lead to a number of careers in the auto body and auto parts industry, from mechanical work to service and support.  


Quality & Finishing

Automotive finishing is one of the most important steps of auto manufacturing. Course includes masking vehicle panels and component, organising vehicle spraying equipments and more


Lean Management

Lean management course offers a method to eliminate non-value-added activities and waste from processes. Students will understand i a competitive advantage by lowering operating costs, improving productivity and more.

Injection Molding Technology

Be a molding professional, by understanding of molding “from the plastic’s point of view”. Including operating and calibrating machinery, adhering to product guidelines, conducting quality inspections and more.


Machining Technology

Understand functions and various techinquesof Machining, which helps in the automotive industry for both prototyping and production applications. 


Welding Technology

Learn welding methods for automotive applications like spot welding, resistance seam welding, GMAW, GTAW and more


Lean System

Learn how lean execution system (LES)  is designed to help manufacturers create a culture of sustainable continuous improvement while simultaneously boosting production, maintenance and more.

Manufacturing Information System

Get trained to understand a system that creates a real-time record, capturing relevant data throughout the manufacturing process to support various manufacturing functions.


Soft Skills

Learn various soft skills required by an individual for personality traits and behaviours, which includes how you interact with colleagues, how you solve problems, and how you manage your work.

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