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Inauguration of EV/HV Domain

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The inauguration of the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Facility at iACE by the Chief Guest, Shri Jagdish V. Panchal, Hon. Minister of State for Industries, Government of Gujarat.

On 10th December 2021, with an objective to bring together members from the startups, investors, industry professionals and academic members to a common platform to further support the community, iACE organised an event STARTUPS ON SUSTAINABILITY (SOS).

The Hon. Minister appreciated the efforts of the iACE in support to the startup ecosystem in realization of their full potential and the resources iACE can offer for their skill development

Being first of it’s kind in India, with advance EV vehicle training setup, Shri Jagdish Vishwakarma (Panchal) inaugurated iACE’s Electric Hybrid Vehicle Domain. In his speech he said “ sustainability is of paramount importance of all and through our Hon. Prime Minister several campaign are working on increasing the awareness to move towards sustainable products. “ He also assured the startups that Government of Gujarat will support startups at their every journey.

The Hon. Minister with his diverse experience in the industry shared valuable insights into the existing

trends and best practices in the areas such as Lithium-ion batteries, which are currently used in extensively from most portable consumer electronics such as cell phones and laptops to the latest Electric and Hybrid Vehicles because of their high energy per unit mass relative to other electrical energy storage systems.


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